A couple of Kickstarters by Industry vets and one by a relative newcomer have crossed my desk and deserve some attention:


§ Batton Lash, one of the true gentlemen of comics, has a Kickstarter for a new Wolf and Byrd GN. it’s called The Werewolf of New York and it’s already funded but check it out, there are sure to be some good stretch goals.


§ The great and underrated Carol Lay is Kickstarting Murderville:

A semi-retired mobster and his family face down a sexy villain on a quaint Maine island in this 28-page full-color comic by Carol Lay.

This one has a ways to go and it’s a bit pricey but Lay is an industry treasure and hasn’t been heard from nearly enough of late, so go for it.


§ Finally, Ursula Murray Husted is Kickstarting The Lions Of Valetta: “An original full color graphic novel about cats, Malta, art history, philosophy, and the meaning of life. DISCLOSURE: Husted is an advertiser on this very site, however this book looks adorable and its already funded.


  1. Thanks for the mention! “Underrated” sounds right to me! What gives?

    Jackie — Thanks for your support and congratulations on Batton’s success! See You in SD sooner or later! –carol

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