§ Over the weekend, David Brothers was answering questions on his Formspring, including this entertaining look at the best comic book fight scenes ever.

§ Frank Santoro has a new tumblr, called Comics Workbook; its purpose is yet unknown.

§ I couldn’t actually tell if this column by Chris Arrant, laying out six more series that DC could give the “Before” treatment, was tongue in cheek or not. “Z: The First Man” suggests parody, but “Kingdom Gone” sounds like something someone could actually toss around an editorial meeting.

§ And speaking of DC, if you’re wondering what the latest Stephanie Brown controversy is, Tom Bondurant covers it all here. Your eyes will glaze over. But it happened.

§ And speaking of Stephanie Brown, Kyrax2, the woman who cosplays as Batgirl and asks uncomfortable questions at panels has her 2012 con report up and refutes claims that Scott Lobdell dissed her at a panel.

I know that Lobdell doesn't always come across well online, and not everyone enjoys his writing style, but I've now met him in person several times and he is a really, really nice guy face-to-face. He was nice to me both on the panel and off, and I'm saddened and angered by reports that the treated me poorly, especially reports written by people who actually attended the panel. It simply isn't true.

§ Not too long ago, Warren Ellis added up all the pages he’s written and it comes to over 5000 pages. Congratulations!


§ By now you have all read Tom Spurgeon’s moving essay on his 220-pound weight loss. It was left to Sean Kleefeld to put together the before and after. Since comics blogging is such a meagre vocation, as we all agreed on the blogging panel at San Diego, I would respectfully suggest Tom whip up a diet book and a following inspirational tour. That’s where the real money is.

§ Speaking of Spurgeon, his weekend interview is the departing design manager of D&Q, Jessica Campbell, who is leaving comics to pursue her painting career and gives an exit interview full of insights and D&Q behind-the-scenes:

We are all friends, and I think we all get along well. Obviously we spend a lot of time together and I’m a deadly combination of “sort of a bully” and “very sensitive” so it’s pretty much a miracle that there isn’t a ton of explosive conflict all of the time. And as far as I can remember, Tom’s only made me cry once (though you might want to check this number again before you run this). Chris is maybe the kindest person I have ever met in my life, and he’s a thoughtful and caring boss. I have never had a better boss in my life, nor do I expect to ever have a better one in the future. He’s incredible.


§ Stan Sakai in Amazing Heroes in 1991!


  1. Tom’s account of his previous and current weight, and his change of habits is truly inspiring.

    One coworker of mine joined Weight Watchers. He told me that for him, losing weight was all about portion control.

    To me, Tom’s weight loss is all about amazing.
    Best of luck!