§ Catch-up: BKV.TV readers react to last weeks initial Brian K Vaughan co-wrtten LOST episode.

§ Stephen Lynch in the NY Post reports that HEROES is pulling a WATCHMEN, which may spell problems for Zack Snyder. Many spoilers in link!

It is also cursed, at least in Hollywood terms. Development of a “Watchmen” movie has bounced around for two decades, with everyone from Terry Gilliam to Joel Silver to Darren Aronofsky attached.

Snyder may have the clout to get it made. But it seems the curse has struck again in the form of a television show. “Heroes” – the popular series on NBC – not only swiped “Watchmen” ‘s climax, it may have stolen its thunder.

[snip] Tim Kring, the creator of “Heroes,” was out of the country, but has said in interviews in the past that he doesn’t know comics that well – similarities are coincidental. And one could argue that the show is a patchwork of popular comic book themes beyond “Watchmen,” taking the mutant gene, for instance, directly from “X-Men.” Or that the plot is different enough because Ozymandias plans the attack, while Linderman simply does nothing to stop it (as far as we know).

§ Over in the NY Sun Grady Hendrix examines negative stereotypes of Asian-Americans, exacerbated bu the Virginia Tech shooting, and includes comics in the mix:

Ever since women have been given the choice to be either virgins or whores, Asians have been given the choice: gangster or geek? On the one hand, in pop culture you have the lovable nerd Hiro on the NBC’s hit show “Heroes.” On the other, you have DC Comics’ best-selling comic series of 2006, “52,” which features a sinister villain known as Chang Tsu, a revamped Wonder Woman Yellow Peril baddie from the 1960s previously known as Egg Fu, who assembled a cabal of evil scientists on the mysterious Oolong Island.


  1. I’m surprised that there was no mention of the popular alternative rock band Porcupine Tree in the press – who had to pull their video off their website and their myspace page for the title track for the new Fear of a Blank Planet album because the video depicted children running around with shotguns shooting up school playgrounds and vandalizing cars – on the very same morning that the VA Tech shootings occured.



  2. Tim Kring might not know comics that well, but that doesn’t say anything for his writing staff. Chuck Kim ex-DC Comics editor wrote that last ep of HEROES… hmmm…

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