200704251153Over at Wizard Joss Whedon mulls all kinds of woulda, shoulda, couldas. Take it from us, Joss, this kind of brooding does you no good in the long run! Time to think POSITIVE! Chin up!

Nobody interfered with my vision [On the Wonder Woman movie] because literally, nobody ever said, “No, no. We want it this way.” I told them what was I going to do, they said do it, I did it, they said no. I said okay.

How’d you react?

I could feel the end for a long while. I could tell they weren’t enthused and you know our conversations were never about what the movie was about, the very few that we had. And so I just felt like, if they know what I’m going for, they don’t like it, and they may not even know, and they’ve told me they don’t even know what they are going for, just that I’m not giving it to them, so it wasn’t like they were interfering. They gave me all the freedom in the world, all the rope in the world in which to build my noose.

So, are you going to be able to see the movie when it’s been written and directed by someone else?

I have absolutely no idea, you know? I mean, it’s hard for me. I’ll tell you the honest truth, it’s just as hard for me with Batman. I never wrote any Batman [comics], but I did go in to pitch [the movie]. I still stay up late at night thinking how cool my Batman movie could have been, and I liked “Batman Begins” a lot. I thought it had some awesome stuff I would never have come up with, but I still think about what I could have done. That’s the problem when you throw your heart into those things; it just stays there.

More in the link including news of his new movie, GONERS.

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