§ Nice Art: Darwyn Cooke’s Brief History of Mainstream Comics – I’m not sire of the origin of this, but it’s a great way to remember Cooke.

§ Many comics friends gathered at this weekend’s MegaCon to remember Cooke as well. It looks like he was celebrated in style.

§ Elsewhere, reading the news was a chore. Blake Leibel, an occasional comics creator (Syndrome for Archaia) ws arrested and charged with the murder of his girlfriend after she was found bludgeoned to death in their West Hollywood apartment. Leibel had earlier been charged with rape, and he had a spotty record in his native Canada as the son of a wealthy real estate developer who tried to get all of his mother’s estate after she died of brain cancer. Just an awful, tragic story all around.


§ And now let’s lighten things up. Clickhole is a humor site, but you may find their version of the creation of Superman amusing.

§ Tom Spurgeon posted a shorter version of his annual SDCC tips here. Re: how long it take to get from one place to another. Last year I had a room at the Marriott, the closest hotel, in the closest tower, in a room right next to the elevator, and using the shortest route I could find I made it (in the morning, mind) from my room to a panel in the far hall in 17 minutes! I don’t think I’ll ever surpass that record.

§ Here is a profile of Marvel’s e-i-c Axel Alonso that quotes me liberally.

§ Steve Lieber storified a series of tweets with real talk about working, dealing with depression and more.

§ This is old but I didn’t have time for linkage last week: a farewell tribute to Comics & Cola at WWAC

§ Reportedly, Disney is in a tizzy over Rogue One, the upcoming Star Wars movie, because it’s testing badly and needs a lot of reshoots. I’m not sure how much credence to give Page Six on this, but I always had my suspicions about Gareth Edwards, the director, because that Godzilla remake was…full of dramatic holes, like setting up a whole movie about a bomb expert who NEVER GETS TO DEFUSE A BOMB. OTOH, if you’re a big movie studio, you have limited options in hiring directors who have proven they can make films about giant radioactive lizards. So you take a chance. It’s all a risk, even risker than choosing what to put in a comics-related link round-up.


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