§ Nice Art: It’s Star Wars Day! Let’s celebrate with Jaxxon who is apparently making an appearance in Star Wars Adventures. Blessed be!



§ I am totally Team Stucky now.


§ Fiona Smyth is doing a diary comic at The Comics Journal

§ Sam Ombiri on Daniel Clowes’ Eightball No. 20: The Further Adventures of David Boring!


§ New Luke Healy from Avery Hill!

§ In case you want to cross reference with Torsten Adair’s Free Comic Book Day reviews, Glen Weldon also has a listing. 

§ Something called The Comics Summit – An event for creators, by creators, about the joys and pitfalls of making independent comics will be held July 7-8 in Birmingham, UK.

§ This is a DEEP dive.

§ This Twitter thread has a lot to say about Universal Fan Con blowback including the fact that every outlet covered the disaster – to be fair, it was very newsworthy – but not the success of Wicomicon. Negativity sells, alas. I also wondered how many POC are major con personnel? The first person who springs to mind is Aman Gupta who ran Fan Expo in Toronto. Also Kandrix Foong , founder of Calgary Expo. And ReedPOP recently hired Ku-you Liang. I’m sure more are involved in Anime cons and smaller events like BlerdCon, MeccaCon and ECBACC.

§ While I was looking up Gupta I came across the con report for CNAnime 2001 which took place CNAnime took place from August 24 to August 26, 2001, in Toronto, Canada. Man cons were different then!


§ Here’s a list of 13 Marvel, DC and Fox superhero movies coming out until 2020. Oy. I spotted that both the new Healy and Glass, the M. Night Shyamalan sequel to Unbreakable and Split are coming out in January – not a vote of confidence.

§ I enjoyed this profile of Ryan Reynolds which is honest about his anxiety and childhood issues. Sometimes it looks easy when it’s not.


  1. …the fruit (just finishing that blessing there)

    That looks like Uncle Scrooge’s money bin to me. An unconscious influence perhaps, or a knowing parody

  2. The 6 foot green rabbit which George Lucas hated so much that he made Marvel replace Roy Thomas on the Star Wars comic with a different writer? Lucasfilm even sent out a press release in 1977 touting the new creative team and stating that the comic was now on the right course.

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