§ I’m not going to go too far into the Whole Denver Comic Con-troversy, as its definitely heating up, and things have been ugly for a while. The two sides can’t even agree on basic facts, like who founded the show. Charlie La Greca, or Charlito as he’s sometimes known, says he founded it with Frank Romero, a history somewhat supported by this story on the first show in 2012. The current show runners say that there were SIX co-founders, including Christina Angel, Illya Kowalchuk, Bruce MacIntosh, and Michael Newman. (There were also nine replicants, I hear.) Who’s right? I do not know.

I DO know that Charlie La Greca is a great and talented guy, well known for his podcast, Indie Spinner Rack, his writing for the stage and his comics. (He actually did some comics for me back when I was an editor! Disclosure.) He really does love comics and his enthusiasm for the medium is real and infectious. He has a lot of supporters in the business, and I’m sure he’ll come out of this fine. This does not mean I’m saying the current DCC board is bad people or lying or anything. I do not know them, and I have not investigated this matter. I do know Charlito, and I like him. I’ll continue to report on developments in this matter, but I’m probably not the most unbiased observer.

§ While reading Steve Morris’s EXCELLENT (can I plug a post on my own site?) interview with David Brothers, I was struck by a very comforting thought. These are the people who are going to take over comics. They kind of already have. Readers and fans who grew up without the MASSIVE inferiority complex that has hampered the Baby Boomers who currently hold the most senior positions in the industry. I get so excited about comics when I read stuff by Steve, or Zainab Akhtar or Jessica Lee (to toot The Beat’s own horn) or poke around Tumblr and see all the energy and passion for such a diversity of things. Or younger editors at publishers carving out a space for themselves (not very easy but it is happening.) And of course, the countless millennials making comics in every format imaginable or unimaginable. It isn’t going to be the easiest thing, but it’s going to be so much better. I can put myself to sleep in the old rocking chair with complete confidence now.

§ Speaking of Zainab, I greatly enjoyed her review of Beautiful Darkness.


§ Speaking of Millennials and excitement, here is Jog on Mould Map 3, a British anthology that’s sort of an evolution of Kramers Ergot. IN fact, Jog writes “Do you recall when Kramers Ergot 4 brought hell to Frogtown”? The above page is by Julien Ceccaldi. See what I mean?

§ Andrew Wheeler presents everything about the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer you need to know.

§ Switching back to the old timesy-wimesy, I should plug Comic-Convention Memories every once in a while, because looking at pictures of Old Cons makes me so happy.

§ Meanwhile, if you are a huge money making studio you need to STAY AWAY FROM COMICS!

§ Fort Thunder by Kaiju Big Battel.

§ Congrats to Rachel Edidin!

§While poking around the Hidden Fortress blog I found this comic about juicing by Box Brown! Good times.