§ MSNBC names the Top eight film adaptations of graphic novels:

• Intro
• “V For Vendetta”
• “The Road to Perdition”
• “300”
• “Sin City”
• “X-Men 2: X-Men United”
• “From Hell”
• “Batman Begins”
• “A History of Violence”

Personally, we prefer MYSTERY MEN to FROM HELL….or do we?

§ Wired reports on a phenomenon we’re all too familiar with: Digital packrats:

Infohoarders are doing more than just amassing files. Like their physical counterparts whose lives eventually become unbearably cluttered — such as New York’s Collyer brothers, who died under piles of collected rubbish in 1947 — they’re sliding down a dangerously slippery slope. Reinardy admitted that most of her hoarders “are very high-functioning people (who) just got caught in this behavior.”

“It starts with good intentions. ‘I’m going to get all of these movies while I can.’ But then what happens? It becomes such a huge selection that if you want a particular movie, you have to look through thousands and thousands of others to find it,” Reinardy said.

In practical terms, the collection becomes useless.

§ Magazine The Wave interview Matt Groening, creator of the SIMPSONS:

TW: Fans talk of the golden age, seasons three through eight or nine. Now that you’re into season 18, haven’t there been other phases, maybe a new renaissance?
MG: I don’t feel like I want to defend the show to people who don’t like it, but I would say that the animation is better, that we’re doing shows that I defy anybody to say that we’ve already done. We’re coming up with, I think, ideas that are certainly surprising to us. And the show still makes me laugh. That’s all I care about. I hope that it makes other people laugh, too. And sadly, many of our fans have died; they’ve gotten so old. But luckily, new ones are being born every day.

TW: At this point, do you have to keep track of jokes you’ve already done so you don’t repeat?
MG: We have writers now who are so young that they grew up watching the show, and they remind some of us who have been around longer that we’ve already done a joke that somebody is pitching. And [voice actors] Dan [Castellaneta] and Yeardley [Smith] also keep us honest because they remember the lines that they’ve said.

§ Brandweek looks at the continued burial of Mike Judge’s IDIOCRACY. [HT: Lucy Anne]

§ Headline of the day that makes us squirm: JEPH LOEB ON FALLEN SON – REVEALED.


  1. MSNBC names the Top eight film adaptations of graphic novels:

    But misses THE HELL out of Spider-Man or, preferably, Spider-Man 2.

    I mean, Road To Perdition? V For Vendetta? FROM HELL?

    “Oi a bladdy PrORsteetoot, oi am! A shillin’ fer tuppence, gavna!”

    Bad form, MNSCBD.

    And what about American Splendor?! GHOST WORLD?



  2. I’m guessing they were going for films that were at least loose adaptations of graphic novels, which Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 don’t really fit into. You could argue that the first Spider-Man has bits of “The Death of Gwen Stacy,” but it was more like two story beats.

  3. The first Spider-Man has bits of “The Death of Gwen Stacy” and whole big huge chunks of Amazing Fantasy #15! I think it’s more of an adaptation than X-Men 2 is of “God Loves, Man Kills.” And I’d put American Splendor pretty high on that list.

  4. But the Death of Gwen Stacy and Amazing Fantasy 15 aren’t graphic novels, they were single issues. As an adaptation of the Death of Gwen Stacy, the first Spider-Man would be pretty piss poor, since it completely changes the characters and especially the ending.

  5. More is changed in From Hell than in Spider-Man, though. And Batman Begins – what comic is that based on?

    And honestly, I don’t think the author of the article is being quite as pedantic with the title as you might think.