Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 1/3/14: man it’s cold

§ People to watch! Den of Geek has a great list of 101 Creators to Watch in 2014


§ Hold on to your codpieces. Bitch Magazine and Lady Drawers are collaborating on a new series about the comics industry called Don’t Be a Dick

Starting in January, six different comics artists will each create a strip with writers Janelle Asselin and Anne Elizabeth Moore about an aspect of the comics industry. Bitch last collaborated with Ladydrawers for the winter 2010 Confidential issue, when they put together a six-page spread about gender politics among people working in the comics.

§ Robert Boyd examines that hotbed of comics, Latvia, with

all the very cool stuff coming from Kuš!

14 for ’14: Comic Book Creators To Watch In The New Year

§ Robot 6 is running their annual birthday extravaganza which includes interviews and preveiws and lots of cool stuff. Just go over there and read it.

§ Must read: Vaneta Rogers looks at Why Retailers Saw 2013 Sales Growth , and it’s a very solid round-up of the factors that have helped improve things: diversity, improved social media, media acceptance, the increased use of POS systems and publishers initiatives such as more retainability.

§ Robyn Chapman is surveying Micro-Press publishers. Look forward to the results!

§ An interview with MIGHTY Q&A: The Many Worlds of Ron Marz at 13th Dimension:

You have a fairly eclectic career: From the cosmic Green Lantern to the pulp work you’re doing now. What do you consider the highlight of your career to date?

I think most creators end up loving their creator-owned work best. So for me, that includes things like “Shinku” from Image, “Dragon Prince” from Top Cow and “Samurai: Heaven and Earth” from Dark Horse. I’ve really enjoyed the vast majority of everything I’ve worked on, from “Silver Surfer” to “Green Lantern” to “Star Wars.” But the things I’ve created from the ground up are the ones I hold most dear.

§ Michael Cavna has a long round-up of graphic novels that can be used for education and why they should be taken seriously.

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