§ Noelle Stevenson has a look back at her year that may just be one of the most beautiful things about falling in love you will read for a long time. See? 2016 wasn’t all crap.


§ The Universal Fan Con Kickstarter has been funded but there are 10 days to go so hopefully it will make those stretch goals. This show, set for 2018, is dedicated to inclusion, highlighting Women, LGBTQ, the Disabled and Persons of Color.


§ The 650 Cent Plague has been toting up the best of lists , with both a MODE and a weighted result, and the Vision is winning the former and is tied with March Book Three for the latter. Seems about right.

PS: I hadn’t seen this site before but it’s from German comics scholar Martin de la Iglesia, and it’s good.

§ The great Rob Clough, now an Eisner judge, gives us High-Low: Top Thirty Long-Form Comics of 2016

§ Michael Dooley offers 13 Best Graphic Novels from a designer’s standpoint.

§ More of 2016: A Year in Review from the Comics Bulletin crew.

§ Vox’s The best comic books of 2016

§ Matt White offers us 21 Trippy Comics

§ Turning away from best of lists, Kat Overland interviews 2dcloud’s Raighne Hogan. 2d CLoud is one of many small publishers that now run on a kickstarter model, and Hogan has some advice on that:

Crowdfunding is like a crash course in how to run a business — it’s like a basic business starter kit. For us, it was having product and finding enough of an audience to cover basic costs. It’s an amazingly empowering tool that goes hand in hand with social media platforms. So I guess the main way in which this has changed, has been that we do more of them, running them more akin to how large cable companies bundle channels together at a discount. It’s a successful model that indie games have aped for years via things like Humble Bundle. And it’s like, cable companies seem to be doing fine by it, indie game companies as well — so why not use this model? Combining it with our usage of crowdfunding platforms seemed like a no-brainer.

§ I had Cloudscape Comics bookmarked for some reason…it’s a Vancouver based comics collective that seems busy and happy.

§ Finally, Tom Scocca argues that Mell Lazarus And Momma Got The Last Laugh in 2016, and he may very well be correct. 



  1. § Death of Vera Rubin eclipsed by Slave Leia @ http://www.iflscience.com/space/vera-rubin-discoverer-of-dark-matter-has-died-aged-88/

      “Since dark matter has been one of the major cosmological discoveries of the last fifty years, the fact that Rubin was never awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in recognition of her work has drawn considerable attention. The subsequent, and still occasionally questioned, discovery of dark energy won the 2011 prize, yet Rubin’s more foundational work was passed over. The fact that no woman has won the physics prize for more than 50 years has drawn considerable criticism, and Rubin was possibly the most deserving non-recipient.”

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