§ Apparently an election has been taking place for the last four hundred years? Ward Sutton shared his cover for this week’s Village Voice with us. I think we can all relate to those dreams.


§ J. Caleb Mozzocco interviews Steven Weissman on his book BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, which many have labeled “bizarre.” As a long-time fan of Weissman, we can say with some authority that his work is always somehow elevated above any level of reality which you might perceive. We find it delightful.

§ Also, Tom Spurgeon interviews Gabe Fowler who runs Brooklyn’s Desert Island and Co-runs this week’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest.

§ Grace Bello interviews Ellen Forney.

§ Sometimes comics folks have tough times, just like the rest of us. We’re all in this together.

§ Speaking of which, media theorist Douglas Rushkoffpens his thoughts on Sandy, which are a bit like our own.

Indeed, in a reality where charging a cell phone requires finding a friend who not only admits to having power but also agrees to let you come over and plug into it, the relationship of self-sufficiency to community resources takes on a whole new meaning. And it reflects not only the core themes of the election, but also the main conceptual challenges facing our society at the dawn of the digital age: Do I depend on the collective, or do I go it alone?

He also writes about watching Friday’s telethon and realizing he was one of the ones being benefited. That must have been weird. We were watching Kitchen Nightmares instead.

§ Speaking of the Zombie Apocalypse, Laura Hudson, former Comics Alliance editor, is now writing for the LA Times, including doing Walking Dead recaps. We just caught this week’s episode and holeeeee hell. Could this show be any grimmer?

§ “The Goon” Movie Kickstarter has 5 days and $100,000 to go, so get over there and pledge.

§ This unpleasant exchange has been making the rounds, wherein a media subject threatens a media reporter. We like both of the parties so its sad to see it going this far. David Brothers writes:

This is one of the things you have to watch out for when writing about comics, or really any type of entertainment journo. People can and will try to pressure you into doing what they want you to do, and when you decline or object, you’re going to have a fight. You can ignore it and avoid the fight altogether, you can answer back and try to smooth it out, or you can answer back and escalate the situation, which is almost definitely what this post is going to end up being.

Man, we could write a book about that one.


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