Okay maybe a slight exaggeration but I’ve been very tardy here so this is like, two weeks wort at least. So….

§ Via Rich Johnston, sad news that frequent message board commenter Bob “OM” Mosley has passed away at age 53 (according to his FB page.) OM was a fixture of every message thread on Comicon.com and everywhere else, and even here for a time. I guess he was more active on BC and other places. He always always made his opinion known, and it was frequently an opinion which I disagreed with, but he was one of a kind. Condolences to his family.

§ Everyone knows The Nib, Medium’s whip smart political comics page closed down, but what about Darling Sleeper, the more indie comics focused site run by cartoonist Jesse R. Lucas. Well that site also quietly shut down a few months ago:

After a period of deep contemplation, I’ve decided to shutdown the Darling Sleeper publication. I want to thank all the contributors! Working with each of you over this past year has been a highlight of my life. Your work is incredible and I feel very honored to have had a small part in sharing it with the world! Sara Lautman, you’ve been the real heart and backbone of this site for the last three months. Thank you. It’s been amazing!!! You’re amazing! A huge thank you to every person who has read, tweeted, shared, and in general, been kind to the site! You’re the only reason we dedicate long hours to comics. Please keep supporting the community. If we want great things in this world, we have to support them. Alas, this is the end for us. The name Darling Sleeper will live on as a personal project but today is the end of the publication. Thank you for everything,

Another one bites the dust.

§ According to this news tidbit from Joe Hill, the Locke and Key movie is no longer happening but another stab at a TV show is in the works. This is a pretty sturdy property and if Y the Last Man can finally get made, never say never.

§ That ‘Brooklyn Animal Control’ pilot is really happening, also based on an IDW comic. Stephen Graham (Boardwalk Empire, Snatch) has been cast in the lead and Brian Kirk (Game Of Thrones) will direct.


§ A tumblr devoted to things that should under no circumstances be sexy halloween costumes, including little girls.


§ Rico Renzi remembers The Winter Men a mini series that is definitely a high point of the Wildstorm output. It’s hard to call it underrated since I think everyone who has ever read it thought it was a masterpiece, but perhaps more people should read it. I hear that may someday be possible.

NYCC links:

Out of area man shocked by high NYC drink prices.

¶ A nice write up on the “Comics and the Jews” all star panel that was held during the Super Week.

¶ Ardo Omer chatted with Kodansha execs, with many newsy tidbits:

Q: Back in the 2000s, several Kodansha titles were licensed by TOKYOPOP. When they shut down in North America, many of those titles went into limbo. Is there any chance we might see new life for some of those series (e.g. Beck, Samurai Deeper Kyo)?

A: Mr. Furukawa: Yes, we absolutely want a revival of properties that have gone to the wayside. Our primary objective is to get it digitized so it gets to the readers faster because they’ve been asking for it. To do that, we actually have had to go back and redo some of the translations. We’ve just begun the process of repackaging everything for the digital versions.

¶ I think this tied in with NYCC: The Origin Stories of 5 Women in Geek Media amon them Sam Maggs, Jody Houser and Deb Aoki.

¶ Writing for Forbes, Rob Salkowitz surveys NYCC’s diversity programming.

§ Going back a few weeks, Robert Boyd has started a podcast and his first topic is CXC in Columbus which seems to have been a great come ro Jesus moment for many. Also in link many photos and blogging. Multi media.

§ Continuing our look back at the month in shows, many people had a great time at the newly San Jose’d Alternative Press Expo 2015, but this woman did not.

§ Beat pal Lucas Adams drew a comic called 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rats so if you’re planning a Sexy Pizza Rat costume better read that.

§ What’s The Best Comic About Women By Women? The answer will not surprise anyone who regularly reads this site but not everyone reads this site.

§ Fans of the poet T. S. Eliot will be excited to know he was familiar with the comic strip Foxy Grandpa which was drawn by Carl E. Schultze around 1900 or so. The strip did not concern a fox who was old but rather a grandfather who was wily and cunning, so then, a terrible, frightening grandpa, really.


§ Jeebus I’ve has this link to the new storefront for original Achewood paintings and prints by Chris Onstad in here for fucking ever and it deserves more than a little bullet point.

§ A street was named after late photographer, writer Seth Kushner and that’s wonderful

§ This very smart piece by David Brothers about enjoying great art by shitty and/or problematic humans is worth a read although it came out a few weeks ago.


§ Star Wars shower heads, well alright, alright alright.


§ On the other hand this dying Vulcan holiday ornament is just in questionable taste.


  1. “Fans of the poet T. S. Eliot will be excited to know he was familiar with the comic strip Foxy Grandpa which was drawn by Carl E. Schultze around 1900 or so. The strip did not concern a fox who was old but rather a grandfather who was wily and cunning, so then, a terrible, frightening grandpa, really.”

    So, T. S. Eliot with Carl Schultze created Doctor Who?

  2. Sad news, though my memories of OM were not particularly fond ones. I once got into a debate with him that led to my no longer reading the comments on Bleeding Cool, and led to one of his bannings (unbanned when he publicly acknowledged he was out of line).

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