Sean T. Collins stumbled upon a bunch of old strips and whatnots that Kevin Huizenga had been digitally squirreling away, and got very excited, and who can blame him. They are aces.
These intriguing pages from Garrett Price’s cult strip, “Whte Boy”, are a strong reminder that the esthetic of what’s called “indie comics” these days would have dovetailed nicely with the more fleeting comic strip sensibilities of the early days of the strips — say up to about war time. It’s easy to see what attracts Huizenga to this work and what he’s taken from it for his own.

It would be very instructive if someone could mount an art show comparing them side by side some day, although the early strips can be hard to come by. Actually, come to think of it, the art show at the BGCF last year was pretty much what we’re talking about — it just needs to be up longer.


  1. I’ve seen enough Price and Johnson and Dean at this point that while I really enjoy seeing more, they don’t hit me in that stash the way they did the first time I saw them–what did it more for me was seeing stuff by Kiersh and Hankiewicz I’d never seen, since I’ve read so much by them that I can really appreciate seeing where they came from before I tuned in. Whereas with the old-timers, I don’t have that thoroughgoing familiarity with their work, so it all hits me in more or less the same way. Does that make sense?