We told you a while ago about Kate Beaton’s new book King Baby. She’s updated her site with the pub date, which is this September. As with her bestseller The Princess and the Pony, King Baby will be published by Scholastic. Beaton also updated her readers on a few other projects, including, a secret animated project in the works and her autobiographical graphic about her time at Fort McMurray, which has appeared online (in very partial form) as Ducks.

But the main thing is the graphic novel, which is a memoir of my time in the oil sands, years ago. You may have seen the sketch that launched it, Ducks. Or the few comics on this site that are memoir-ish that don’t really fit with the rest of the things on here and I should probably get rid of. It’s a very different story from anything in Hark! A Vagrant, and a different mind set to work on. And I need to give that mindset some time and concentration in order to do a good job. So, I’m going to do that.

Hark! will have some updates in the fall, that’s the plan! And I’m going to take the summer to sink my teeth into this, because it’s been slow progress, and I need to do it. It’s the first time I’ve taken on a comic project that wasn’t this website and the books that come out of it. I’m nervous about it. Maybe I will welcome the break from the other book for a while by the fall, and have the right kind of energy to come back to this. Maybe that’s a good system to use, a few months on this, a few months on that, dedicated time instead of trying to pull in every direction all the time. It’s an idea, anyway. Something has to change, so, fingers crossed.

Crossed indeed.