Vesskaluta4AltWhat happens when famed fantasy artists Mike Kaluta and Charles Vess collaborate on illustrations for FABLES: 1001 NIGHT OF SNOWFALL? Editor Irene Gallo (who has nothing to do with the book) has the lovely answer at her blog, with comments by Vess.


  1. It’s been a while since Vess put anything out. This is great news. I hope his wife’s poor health and financial troubles are a thing of the past.

  2. Brian,

    I’ve been working on a whole slew of book illustration projects for a while now: A STORM OF SWORDS (Subterranean Press) a s&n, limited edition of the George R. R. Martin bestselling novel was just released with 70 b/w drawings and 6 color paintings and THE LADIES OF GRACE ADIEU (Bloomsbury) a collection of short stories by Susanna Clarke has 20 full page b/w illustrations and is due in October. Next up is a 32 page full color picture book, BLUEBERRY GIRL (HarperCollins) written by Neil Gaiman and a cover and 20 smallish b/w b/w drawings for the Datlow, Windling anthology, COYOTE ROAD (Viking). Then too, there is the movie adaptation of STARDUST that will be released next March and the subsequent re-release of a hardcover edition of the original illustrated novel from DC/Vertigo with new art from me.

    If you are looking for my graphic narrative work, Tor Books released THE BOOK OF BALLADS with 50 pages of new art and story in 2004 which is still available in both hardcover and softcover editions.


  3. Hey Charles: you tell ’em!!!

    The man has been totally up to his chin in ink and paint: the results keep raising his personal bar, making me hope I live until I’m 100: I don’t want to miss a single Vess Picture.

    Charles is also represented in the Making Of Stardust film book: lovely art, and photos of him and Neil with many of the Film Folks… get the book, see the movie: what a terrific Summer!