We’ve been talking about how the comics industry is doing well, and people seem to be making good on their business plans. But there are still cautionary tales. One such tale is Kaboom Test Labs, a two store chain located in Albuquerque, NM that abruptly closed shop this weekend. The main site has only a note that the owners were leaving New Mexico; a Facebook page where disappointed customers wondered what happened has been removed.

It’s all pretty mysterious, as the tipster who alerted me to this noted that the store was well liked, had a diverse staff and was building a good community, as a remaining FB page for other activities shows. Also the store had just about the best name ever.

Even stranger, the shop had just been the focus of a very positive story in the local news that made it sound like one of the good ones.

I emailed the owner but received no response. However digging around shows some financial difficulties in the recent past, enough to make shutting up shop and moving on a viable alternative.

Alas, sometimes all the good ideas in the world aren’t enough. Albuquerque is a tough economy, and opening a retail store is always a mix of planning and luck. We wish all those involved the best in getting things sorted out and hope that comics shoppers in Albuquerque can find another store to their liking.


  1. Try Don’s Book Store for your comic needs. We have been selling comics in the same location for 44 years. Reliable service for the collector.
    1013 San Mateo SE. Alb NM 87108

  2. April 2 2015 – Was hoping to host a “party” at the store, only to find this notice of closure and a disconnected phone. It helps if you live in the area and wander in at least weekly….

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