Is this the week of new small publishers? Yes, everyone is doing it. Here’s yet another: Feral Planet a newish company started by Michael Friedlander, formerly of FPG, a fantasy art trading company. They have a new project with Mike Ploog and Joe Jusko involved….an oversized lushly illustrated book called Goliath which they are Kickstarting. Deets from PR:

Michael Friedlander, former CEO of FPG Inc., the premier fantasy art trading card publisher, is proud to announce the addition of fantasy and comic artist extraordinaire Joe Jusko to the ranks of FERAL PLANET, Friedlander’s new multi-media venture. Jusko will be heavily involved with the creation and promotion of new products for FERAL PLANET’s many compelling and innovative projects.

“Michael and I have talked about a collaborative endeavor like this since the FPG days, and I’m truly excited about all the ideas and prospects that are in the hopper,” says Jusko. “He has the same boyhood enthusiasm for this material as I do, and I can’t think of anyone with whom I’d rather be embarking on this journey.”

Friedlander says: “I have really missed the camaraderie at FPG, of working with other like-minded people in bringing art-related projects to life. In addition to my work on several film and television projects over the past ten years, I have longed to return to the world of publishing. Now is the perfect time, and I really could not be happier to be working daily with Joe. His passion and pride for this industry will be a powerful dynamic of the FERAL PLANET team.” Friedlander and Jusko first worked together on the “Joe Jusko’s Art of Edgar Rice Burroughs” trading cards.

Jusko, who’s remarkable career spans 35 years, has worked for almost every major comic book publisher, producing hundreds of images for both covers and interiors. His work has also appeared on advertising, paperback book covers, calendars, posters, t-shirts, toy packaging, and innumerable trading card series, most memorably the multi award-winning 1992 “Marvel Masterpieces” and the 1994 “Art of Edgar Rice Burroughs” collections.

FERAL PLANET’s first project is the thrilling, large format prehistoric adventure storybook titled “GOLIATH.” Imagine prehistoric worlds filled with enormous beasts of all kinds and landscapes that will take you through the harshest environments of the ice ages to wondrous, lush and tropical fantastical lands that hold great secrets filled with majestic white apes!


“GOLIATH” is an all-ages, 11″ x 11″ large format, 84-page illustrated storybook written by Michael Friedlander and illustrated by Mike Ploog. The story follows the adventures of a small family of prehistoric people named the Ty clan. The Ty clan live in very difficult times and face incredible dangers every day. To survive, they must embark upon an epic journey to find a new world and the peace they have always dreamed of. They find great strength and determination in their belief in magnificent stories passed down through the generations that speak of giant white guardians that protect and watch over them. As the story unfolds, we will find out if these are just age-old tales the clan elders tell while sitting around the fire or if these great guardians prove to be so much more…

Author Michael Friedlander is perhaps best known for founding the publishing company FPG Inc., which produced trading cards, collectible card games (“GUARDIANS”), art books, fine art prints, posters, and calendars, all centered around the film, comic book, science fiction, and fantasy arenas. Friedlander has been a longtime admirer of authors such as Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard, as well as a manic comic book fan for most of his life, and he has developed and produced many projects that involved such iconic creations as “Tarzan,” “Conan,” “King Kong,” and, of course, “STAR WARS.” In addition to four animated features, Friedlander has several upcoming reality television series currently in development.

Illustrator Mike Ploog is a true treasure of the film universe. His 40-year-plus career has given the world some of the richest projects the entertainment field has to offer. From his animated films (“Lord of the Rings,” “Prince of Egypt,” “Shrek,” and “Wizards, to just name a few) to his work on more than 40 live-action films including “The Little Shop of Horrors,” “The THING,” and “X-MEN,” as well as his work in animated television (Filmation and Hanna-Barbera), to his work in comics (Marvel Comics’ “Conan,” “Frankenstein,” “Ghost Rider,” “Planet of the Apes,” and “Werewolf By Night,” and much more), Mike Ploog’s work has magically touched us all in some shape or form