On the scale of “Oh thank God,” this ranks pretty high. Joss Whedon will be back to write and direct AVENGERS 2, as Disney CEO Bob Iger told an investors call. Immediately after the announcement, people started throwing money directly at Iger, just pelting him with dollars and quarters. “Take our money!” they cried. “Just take it! THE AVENGERS has already made $1.5 billion worldwide and the sequel will make even more.”

It’s a nice vindication for Whedon, whose efforts after Buffy didn’t always get a lot of support.

UPDATE: Iger also formally announced that Whedon is involved in that mystery TV show that’s being developed for Disney, the one we’re calling the “Magilla Gorilla/Downton Abbey/Matlock thing.” People threw even MORE money at Iger when they heard this. It was a successful call.


  1. What is even more interesting is Whedon apparently being involved with a Marvel related tv show. I’m really curious what his involvement will be and what the focus of it will be.

  2. I know the last attempt at it fizzled, but could you imagine a Whedon led Jessica Jones/Alias series? I would watch that.

  3. Hey, there’s been buzz about Marvel getting the Daredevil rights back, correct?

    A street-level show would be great. Small scale enough that the plots would not need to worry too much about screwing with the movie universe continuity. You could do it on the same kind of budget as CSI/NCIS type shows and Marvel has a pile of great characters. In many ways it’s the one area they do MUCH better than DC.

    So, you heard it here first. A Daredevil TV series with Heroes for Hire as supporting characters. A ‘Cloak and Dagger’ plotline makes up the first season story arc.

  4. Well, I guess I’ll be skipping the second Avengers film just like I skipped the first, unless Whedon has at some point learned to write dialogue that isn’t obnoxious faux-witty banter and nobody bothered to tell me.

  5. Nick Jones, Whedon has always had a good ear to write people in-character. Did you see & like Captain America? As Whedon re-wrote the script and a very large chunk of the dialogue was his. Tony Stark had a number of witty lines, but that is Tony Stark and apparently Robert Downey Jr. ad-libbed a lot of his dialogue.

  6. This is good news. I don’t much care for any of Whedon’s TV shows, but Avengers really impressed me. Glad they’re not messing with a good thing.

  7. Neither for me.

    Didn’t care for Buffy. Firefly wasn’t for me. AND I had reservations about him and AVENGERS because he had not directed a hit movie. But AVENGERS was a blast and he won me over. I’m not in the worship camp but it was a great fun super hero movie and I can’t wait for the sequel.

    Sit it out if you like but I think it will still do okay.

  8. That “Magilla Gorilla/Downton Abbey/Matlock” show sounds intriguing. An intelligent gorilla solving mysteries in old-time England sounds like fun. Sign me up!

  9. This is the wrong place for it, but I want somebody to stop parroting buzzphrases that they hear and actually explain why Whedon is supposedly such a poor writer.

    Otherwise, this “oh his dialogue is too witty” stuff sounds like a load of crap and I mean liquid diarrhea shit. “Too witty?”

    Like man, getting ripped on by being too good at your job, get the fuck outta town.

  10. Go Joss Go!
    I want a photo with Cap’s shield! Gimme!

    I can’t wait. I hope the show is cool, too. i will definitely watch it (the way I watch any show I watch – after it has been cancelled, on DVD).

    P.S. FIREFLY was great. IMHO.

  11. “Did you see … Captain America?”

    Nope. I’ve only seen about half of the Marvel movies, and that wasn’t one of them. (Tangentially and unfortunately, Howard the Duck was one of them.)

    “I suppose you either worship “Joss” or think he’s a PC bore. I choose option B.”

    I wouldn’t classify my objections as his being “PC,” though “bore” is certainly in there, and to be fair, none of the people I personally know who liked Firefly or Buffy the Vampire Slayer uniformly enjoy everything he does.

    “Sit it out if you like but I think it will still do okay.”

    Oh, I think it’s a given that Avengers 2 will bludgeon Marvel Studios with a giant sack of money until they die of wealth.

    “I want somebody to stop parroting buzzphrases that they hear and actually explain why Whedon is supposedly such a poor writer.”

    I don’t know who is allegedly “parroting buzzphrases,” but I can volunteer on behalf of the non-specific “somebody” to point out why I loathe Joss Whedon.

    Firefly was populated by one-dimensional stock characters (knock-off Han Solo, space hooker with a heart of gold, spunky nerdy girl, Clint Eastwood from Pale Rider, dumb redneck, etcetera) with inconsistent or nonsensical motivations, and possessed empty plots which served as mere backdrops for the characters to banter.
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer took place in a world where everybody communicated in quips, pop culture references, and snark. To balance things out, Whedon subjected all of his wacky misfits to buckets of needless angst and tiresome drama.
    His story arc in Runaways was generally stupid and utterly predictable, plus his tenure threw an anchor around the neck of the book in the form of one of the worst characters ever, Klara “I was married to an old guy and have no other noteworthy traits” Prast.
    Alien: Resurrection. I’m just going to let everyone’s memories of that one speak for themselves.

    The common theme is that his scripting is weak, his characters don’t speak or act like real people, and all of the dialogue is laden with interchangeable one-liners that are desperately trying to be clever and failing utterly. I have to say that his blaming every failure on his resume on other people doesn’t make me like him much as a person, either.

    “Otherwise, this “oh his dialogue is too witty” stuff sounds like a load of crap and I mean liquid diarrhea shit. “Too witty?” ”

    Nobody wrote that or anything similar anywhere in the comment section of this post. You’re either pulling that in from some argument that you had elsewhere or trying to concoct the most obvious straw man ever.

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