Last month’s announcement from writer James Tynion IV that he would be leaving DC’s flagship Batman series following the end of the Fear State storyline in November was a shock to many, and speculation began immediately as to who would follow him on the series. That speculation can be put to rest now, as today writer Joshua Williamson revealed on Twitter that he will be writing Batman beginning in December, joined by artists Jorge Molina and Tomeu Morey.

In a series of tweets, Williamson revealed covers for Molina for Batman #118 and #119, which will find Batman having left Gotham and facing off against a new villain called Abyss (who readers get a first glimpse of on the cover for Batman #119). “We’re honoring the plan that the other books in the bat-line are doing,” Williamson explained, “while telling a brand-new story for Bruce Wayne as Batman in the DCU.” The writer also proudly proclaimed that, as seen above on a suit that looks like the one last seen in the pre-New 52 Batman Incorporated series, the yellow oval bat-emblem is back.

Williamson also teased a potential reunion for Batman and his son, Robin, who have been estranged since events in Teen Titans saw Damian renounce the role and leave the Bat-family. If nothing else a crossover between Batman and Damian’s Robin series is something of a no-brainer, considering Williamson will be writing both of them.

As an existing member of the Bat-family of writers as well as a high-profile writer for DC outside of the Bat-office, it makes sense that Williamson would step in on Batman. It’s good to hear that all the work that’s been done since the Infinite Frontier era began to make the Bat-books an interconnected series won’t be undone by Tynion’s departure. It’s a bit unclear whether Williamson’s tenure on Batman is a permanent stay or if a new longer-term writer will be announced at some point.

Josh Williamson, Jorge Molina, and Tomeu Morey’s first issue on Batman arrives in December.