With its enigmatic marketing campaign well-befitting the star of the movie, Warner Bros. has released six teaser clips for Joker on the movie’s Instagram account. The six short clips — five of the film’s star Joaquin Phoenix, the other featuring Robert De Niro — seem to be teasing a second trailer.

Joker is scheduled to open October 5 but not before the movie has gala premieres at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals and a sneak preview at the Toronto Film Festivals. If you’re unaware, it’s very strange for Warner Bros. to show an anticipated “comic book movie” at the prestigious September festivals, but clearly they have confidence in writer/director Todd Phillips that they have something that not only can make money and withstand critical scrutiny (which is at a high at these festivals) but possibly also get awards, maybe for Phoenix specifically.

My favorite of the six clips (all of which you can view below) is the one of Phoenix shutting himself inside a refrigerator and De Niro introducing his character who could very well be his King of Comedy character Rupert Pupkin decades later, having taken over the show for Jerry Lewis’ Jerry Langford.

Chances are that we will see another full trailer this week, as it’s likely to be put in front of Warners’ big early September release It: Chapter Two when it hits theaters a week from Thursday.


  1. Maybe the King of Comedy comparisons will prompt some fanboys to actually SEE that great movie.

    According to IMDB, De Niro’s character is named Murray Franklin.

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