Alternate universe stories are nothing new, especially in comics like DC’s Elseworlds. Last year comic creator Sean Gordon Murphy announced his Batman: White Knight limited series that inverted the roles of Gotham City’s mortal enemies Batman and the Joker, and a grittier more violent take. A seemingly familiar premise at first, nevertheless it was a commercial success resonating with readers and garnering a loyal fan following.

Despite the adult content, White Knight was still subject to DC’s “Teen+” Rating which meant the “first ever sex scene featuring Harley Quinn and the Joker” that was teased by Murphy was cut. Murphy posted the original page which you can see on his official Instagram here. Those hoping to see what Joker’s junk looks may be sadly disappointed.

However, looks like people will finally see a Harley/Joker sex scene in print as opposed to browsing DeviantArt. Today, DC Comics announced that White Knight would be collected as part of DC’s Black Label imprint, a new line of creator driven graphic novels announced back in March.

Some have voiced concerns with the scene prompting Murphy to respond via Twitter.