John Mitchell, known for his comics reviews at Shuffleboil, and a member of the comics self-publishing movement in the ’90s with VERY VICKY, has put together an online webcomics exhibit for Greylock Arts. While the exhibit is a showcase for webcomics artists, Mitchell also compares the movement to the self-publishing movement:

What I have found in surveying web comics for my own pleasure and for this show is that the freedom from the busy work that self-publishers can get bogged down by has provided many people with creative productivity — they can actually worry about their cartooning rather than getting back issues to the UPS store. They can hone their craft — or if their craft is already well-honed, they can experiment. And we’re the lucky ones, because we all get to peer into their labs.

Artists shown include:

Truth Serum, Jon Adams
Goodbye, Crestfallen by Aaron Alexovich
Underwire, Jennifer Hayden
Super Spy by Matt Kindt
Zip and Li’l Bit by Trade Loeffler
Wondermark by Dave Malki
Various Comics by Phil McAndrew
The 10 Doctors by Rich Morris
Next Door Neighbor by Various Creators, Featuring “Hank and Barbara” by Joan Reilly
Garfield Minus Garfield by Dan Walsh

Above art by Matt Kindt.


  1. Doesn’t “busy work” include learning HTML/CSS/Flash, etc., writing on a blog, etc. I’m not sure that self-publishing is any less complicated than managing all the things you need to do to post your comics to the web and actually get eyeballs to see it. In fact, it might be more complicated and time consuming.

  2. Sure, but that bigshot John Mitchell refused to include showing MY webcomic Mr. Ed Weirdo. And why?

    Because he’s just plain CHICKEN, that’s why!

    But then what should I have expected from the US Attorney General who married that nutty Martha Mitchell, anyway?!

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