The GLAAD Awards nominations, honoring media representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, have been announced, and the honorees in the comics category are as follows:

•The Alcoholic by Jonathan Ames (Vertigo/DC Comics)
•Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Drew Goddard, Jeph Loeb and Joss Whedon (Dark Horse Comics)
•Final Crisis: Revelations by Greg Rucka (DC Comics)
•Secret Six by Gail Simone (DC Comics)
•Young Avengers Presents by Ed Brubaker, Brian Reed, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Paul Cornell, Kevin Grevioux and Matt Fraction (Marvel Comics)


  1. In the case of YOUNG AVENGERS PRESENTS, GLAAD seems to have picked the issues because they portrayed gays (Hulkling and Wiccan) inoffensively, not because there was any gay- or lesbian-related plot material. It’s strange that all of the YOUNG AVENGERS PRESENTS issues are listed, since only two were about Hulkling and the Wiccan and Speed duo. Either GLAAD was biased in favor of “major” publishers, and/or the group had very little to choose from. As it was, all of the issues were “slice of life” bits with no significant plot content.


  2. GLAAD is quite admittedly biased towards major publishers– because they want to encourage the major publishers to keep their books inclusive. I personally think it’s a good thing. The whole point of being small press and indie is that there’s no editorial mandate to tell you what you can and cannot write. Need I remind you of Jim Shooter’s disastrous policy towards LGBT content when he was EIC at Marvel? At the very least, the awards policy lets the Big Two know that they’re being watched, thereby keeping defamation down.

    Also, there was a really adorable scene between Wiccan and Hulking in the Wiccan one-shot which deserves a special Award Of Cute, imho.

  3. maybe they decided to treat the YA series as a graphic novel reprinting the issues, rather than the issues themselves. They could have also included the VISION issue, since he has “identity issues,” which could be coded as LGBT.

  4. I’m a little surprised — a bit disappointed — that YA got the nod instead of Runaways or Manhunter. I guess they needed to get a Marvel book on that list somehow and have at least one guy couple in there among all the lesbians.

  5. Secret Six? Hey, I love S6 as an (intentionally) Bat_Sh&(& crazy group of amoral deeply disturbed individuals doing stuff for all the wrong reasons, but are Scandal Savage and Knockout really considered to be a positive portrayal of a lesbian relationship? I guess I can concede they were very devoted to each other, but they were, you know, homicidal sociopaths. I also always thought their relationship (like everything else in the series) was written with a tongue-in-cheek explotative/titilating slant to it.

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