If the Martians invade, who better to defend the planet than John Carter? Dynamite launches another unexpected yet epic crossover this June with Warlord of Mars Attacks. After a lander disturbs the Martian surface, the aliens set out on a brutal invasion of Earth just in time for a man from 1868 Virginia to come out of stasis.

Jeff Parker (Batman ’66, James Bond Origin, Future Quest) is at the helm with Dean Kotz (Dungeons & Dragons, Krampus) on art. Rounding out the team is Omi Remalante Jr. (Red Sonja, Agent 47: Hitman) on colors and Hassan Ostmane-Elhaou (Red Sonja, Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt) on letters. There will also be awesome covers by Dave Johnson (Batman, Deadpool, 100 Bullets), Marco D’Alfonso (I Am Groot, Vision), Ramon Villalobos (America, Nighthawk), and Ben Caldwell (Red Sonja, Wonder Woman, Prez).
“John Carter meeting the Mars Attacks! Martians may sound insane, but I assure you it works, because Dean Kotz is drawing the hell out of it. It’s easily the most bizarre sci-fi concept I’ve been able to do yet, and the wildest mashup yet,” Parker said. “And if you’re a Burroughs fan, you’ll appreciate some deep cuts that we put in.”

Kotz chimed in, “Working on my favorite Burroughs character with Jeff and [editor] Nate [Cosby] is a dream come true. Jeff seamlessly drops the original sci-fi swashbuckler smack dab in the middle of a retro alien invasion that spans two planets and hundreds of years. The blockbuster-scale story features so many interesting locales and characters. I never know what Jeff’s gonna throw at me next. And, thanks to those nasty Mars Attacks! Invaders, I get to draw A LOT of fun property damage.”
Issue #1 hits this June with preorders available at your local comic shop in April. For digital, check out Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more.


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