In support of their new book, Days of Destruction Days of Revolt Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco appeared this weekend on the Bill Moyers show. The book features text by Hedges and comics by Sacco as the two explore some of the most drastically compromised places in the United States, including Pine Ridge, ND, Camden, NJ and Liberty Park during the Occupy Movement. The show can be watched online, or even in the link below and there’s a live chat this Wednesday, July 25, at 2 pm EDT.

The site for the show includes a brief process film featuring Sacco:

We’ve been telling you about the growing importance of the cartoonist/journalists following in Sacco’s pioneering footsteps. It’s good to see the master himself profiled.
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  1. Thanks for the great link. I hope I find time soon to watch it. I was wondering what Joe Sacco had been up to lately. Good to know he’s still putting out amazing work. What a pioneer.

  2. I read the advance copy, which reprinted the chapter on West Virginia.

    Now I laugh in derision whenever I hear the Coal Industry ads on CNN talking about “clean affordable energy”. Tell that to the people living below the dams containing toxic chemicals. (Picture Johnstown, but with noxious chemicals instead of water.)

    Then there’s the mountaintop mining… where they strip the mountain bare instead of using traditional mining methods, the numerous violations of workplace safety, the massive influence the industry exercises in the state…

    Click on the Amazon link above. There’s a limited preview.