I’ve always been a sucker for collectibles from my favorite comics or videogames, and it’s even more bewildering when you find a quality specimen that captures the real-life (albeit usually plastic) awesomeness you felt from its origin. The Designer Toy Awards seek out the most creative and innovative  toys in the  past year, awarding a select few the praise and acclaim of their design.

This year’s nominations have just been announced, and the category of Best Toy From A Comic has some of its best nominees yet. While a couple are merely oooh-worthy (Batman USB drive, really?), I’ve taken a closer look at my favorite contenders that left me yearning for some new additions.

Cannibal Fuckface By Johnny Ryan & Monster Worship

Cannibal Fuckface, the perfectly named antihero from Fantagraphics’ PRISON PIT, is perhaps more terrifying than Johnny Ryan’s illustration. The blood is a wonderful touch, and this 7.5″ figurine channels the look of many 80s classics action figures, while at the same time appearing to be more contemporary than retro. If only he had some decapitated heads to accessorize with…

Taoking by Geof Darrow and Super7

Originating in Dark Horse’s “Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot” by Frank Miller and Geof Darrow, this Taoking is more than an orange Godzilla-esque creature. Although the 9″ version doesn’t exactly have the same command as the giant reptillian set on destroying Tokyo, toy manufacturers Cosmo Liquid have always paid extreme attention to detail, with articulated arms and legs, and best of all, glows in the dark.

The Death Ray by Dan Clowes and Oakland Toy Co.

My absolute favorite Daniel Clowes character, Death-Ray got brought to toy-life late last year and was limited to only 200 sets. Death-Ray is such an interesting masked hero because he indefinitely belongs to the everykid, the average Joe. Imbued from the strength of cigarette smoke and armed with a cereal box lazer gun, Death-Ray can seemingly be goofy in comparison to other superheroes, but that is where his perfection as a figurine comes into place. Embodying that ironic hero/villain personality, the 12″ Death-Ray is exactly how one would imagine him to be. If you manage to get your hands on one of these, hold on to it for dear life.

The winners for the 2012 Designer Toy Awards will be announced this October at New York Comic Con. Cast your vote now!