has unveiled Joe Quesada’s variant cover to Star Wars
#1. The first Marvel issue of the 21st century will debut in
January with story by Jason Aaron, and art by John Cassaday and
Laura Martin. Marrtin colored Quesada’s cover. Marvel’s CCO

I was asked to give a quote
about this cover and to tell fans about the first time I saw Star
Wars or how it completely changed my life, but it’s a story I’m
sure isn’t all that interesting when compared to the countless
others that have been told, much more eloquently, by so many before
me,” said Quesada. “While each of us has had our unique moments of
discovery and love affair with the property there’s nothing that I
think I could say or add that hasn’t been said before and
truthfully it really isn’t all that important because It’s that
love for Star Wars that binds all of us who share those unique
moments like the Force itself. That’s why when I was offered the
opportunity to do this cover I was both thrilled beyond belief and
as nervous as I was when I did my very first professional work over
twenty years ago. To have the opportunity to illustrate the classic
cast members in one piece has been by far one of the highlights of
my career as an artist. I can only hope that it turned out okay and
that maybe, just maybe, I get the chance to do it again

I like it, but no


  1. Okay, it’s got fire, so it satisfies the Donenfeld Theory of Cover Gimmicks. (fire, dinosaurs, motorcycles, simians, question)

    It seems a bit static, with everyone standing around waiting for something to happen. Add a few blaster flames, maybe have Luke deflect a bolt with his lightsaber.

    None of the heroes are looking at Darth Vader. So what’s the bigger threat which has their attention?
    Who is piloting the Millennium Falcon which is distracting the stormtroopers?

    Since this is a variant cover, the return of Star Wars to Marvel, why not go old school and use the trade dress from 1977? Add a word balloon to tease the reader.

    Or are they reserving that for the Howard Chaykin variant cover?

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