Jodi Picoult
This weekend I attended the fifth annual Tucson Festival of Books. TFOB is a among the top five book festivals in the nation. This year has attracted a lot of famous authors  like Pulitzer prize-wining journalist David Wood, Jonathan Eig, R.L. Stine, and the lovely Jodi Picoult.My comic book retailer, Charlie Harris, suggested that I read “Her Sister’s Keeper” after enjoying her run on Wonder Woman. I really enjoyed her take on Wonder Woman but I have been a bigger fan ever prose. So much so that I watched that god awful Lifetime made for T.V. adoption of my favorite Picoult’s novel “Salem Falls.”

Saturday, I was one of a lucky group of 600 to attend her panel to promote her new book, “Storyteller”. She talked about the extensive research she did on WWII history and stories she heard from Holicost survivors. She discussed how relevant this issue is after 70 years and expressed her concern that war criminals are able to hide in our country but not people with proper documentation.

The floor opened up to questions and I seized the opportunity  When it was my turn I expressed my appreciation”Love and Murder,” and asked if there’s comics in her future. She said that when she was approached by DC to adapt the “Tenth Circle” to a graphic novel they asked if wanted to write Wonder Woman. Her kids begged and pleaded. so she agreed. After the book was released she felt the backlash from fanboys and it was her first time writing a character that wasn’t hers. Then she said, ” Don’t tell anyone at DC, but I like the Marvel characters better.”

The crowd cheered and laughed. Afterwards we had a friendly discussion on which of the big two was better, and then I was rushed off by an elderly woman so she could get her books signed. I hope this gets to Marvel and they that make it worth her to set aside her busy schedule and get her on a Spider-Man book. Maybe the the Marvel fan-zombies can help my DC vs Marvel argument.