Hm, is the multi-talented Thompson working on something Archie Style? After tweeting this art, she tweeted the following:

Don’t worry, you will:-) RT @DanBenZvi: I would love to see you do the rest of the gang.


  1. Eden, I agree. I like her Archie style better than what I see on the Digest covers at the supermarket checkout these days.

    There’s something (organic? happy?) about her work that really resonates with me.

  2. Well, the reviews were mixed on the “new look” Archie stories. But I would definitely buy this! The watercoloring helps a lot!

    The big challenge? How do you adapt Archie’s tic-tac-toe hairstyle? It is as daunting as Dagwood’s “ear brows” and Norman Osborne’s cornrows.

  3. Very nice. Much more realistic than Archie house style, but still instantly identifiable and cartoony enough to work. I love Jill Thompson’s work and so does my wife.

    I would definitely buy this! My kids are almost old enough to start reading Archie. And it (along with Harvey titles) was certainly the “gateway” comic for me.

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