Jeremy West, formerly of Scholastic, announced on Twitter today that he will be joining Marvel Comics as Manager, Licensed Publishing.

Speaking about his departure from Scholastic, he said: “My last six years at Scholastic have truly been a formative experience in my career giving me a deep knowledge of the children’s publishing industry and of licensed publishing.”
He added: “I’ve been such a fan of Marvel since I was a kid so this new job is honestly a dream come true!”
His reference to children’s publishing could spell big things for Marvel. Marvel has licensed many of their characters to IDW so we can only speculate as to what West’s involvement in this division will bring to the publisher.
West most notably has acted as Scholastic’s Publishing Assistant before moving on to becoming the publishing company’s Licensing and Brand Coordinator.
West will be working with Director, Licensed Publishing Sven Larsen, who rejoined the publisher last year. Among other things, his responsibilities will include approving licenses and working with both brand management and editorial departments within Marvel.