Jenette Kahn Interviewed at the Chicago Humanities Festival

Former DC publisher Jenette Kahn isn’t mentioned too much around comics these days, but was undoubtedly a pioneering force in comics, helping shepherd in royalties, creator owned comics, Vertigo, Watchmen and many other important things. These days she’s making movies, but here’s a hour long interview with her that was conducted recently at the Chicago Humanities Festival. I haven’t watched the whole thing, but Sean Kleefeld has a write up here and reports an anecdote that “Joe Orlando threw up in the men’s room when he heard that a woman had been put in charge of the company back in 1976.”

Kleefeld wished that Kahn has talked more about the whole “women in comics” thing, but I always got the sense that Kahn wanted to be an important person in publishing, not an important woman in publishing. Anyway, we probably won’t see her likes again.

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