Jeff Lemire is writing a pair of new projects for DC Comic’s adult-oriented branding, Black Label: one about The Joker and another about The Question.

The first is titled Joker: Killer Smile. Lemire’s regular collaborator, artist Andrea Sorrentino, will join him on it. The duo have worked for DC in the past, specifically on an all-time-great Green Arrow run. Currently, they continue to team on the creator-owned horror comic, Gideon Falls. The new Joker book for Black Label will follow the character as he has a run-in with a mental health professional…who is not Harley Quinn.

The Question book (which is the real headliner here, if you ask me) will be a collaboration between Lemire and legendary artists Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz. That project is called The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage, and the central conceit is that The Question discovers he has been living and dying in Hub City since the times of the Old West (kind of like the Bill Murray film Groundhog Day with what one presumes will be way more punching).

The first announcement of these projects went to io9, which notes the projects are coming this fall and also had a Q&A with Lemire. Lemire also had this to say about the two projects shortly after in his own newsletter:

Regarding THE JOKER: KILLER SMILE, I want to assure fans of Gideon Falls that this project will not effect the Gideon Falls schedule at all. Andrea and I are both so far ahead of GF that we were able to take a few months to work on the Joker book without affecting our schedule. So, there will be a double dose of Andrea and I when Joker and Gideon are both published this fall.

And, with THE QUESTION, all I can really say is that this is a labour of love. It’s truly my DC Comics dream project. Denys Cowan and Dennis O’Neil’s run on The Question in the late 80’s and early 90’s was hugely influential on my, and specifically on how I approached my own run on Green Arrow. Getting the chance to team with two legends like Denys and Bill Seinkewicz has been surreal and incredible and we have been putting our hearts into this one!

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  1. If I were one of TPTB at DC, I would have a blanket policy that no one uses the Joker for at least the next two years. I’d include Harley in that, too, but that battle has long been lost.

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