We’ve never been able to hide our adoration of Jason’s time travel tale I KILLED ADOLF HITLER, and we’re far from alone in this regard. Fantagraphics has just announced that Studio Eight in association with Up Country Productions has optioned the film rights to the book.

Jamie and Alex Brown of Studio Eight have previously produced LAND OF THE BLIND and CAPTURED. They’ve tapped screenwriter D.C. Walker of Up Country Productions for the script.

In our previous post on the book, we described it thusly:

In I KILLED ADOLF HITLER, a hitman goes back in time to kill Adolf Hitler…but he messes up and Hitler comes forward in time, a mistake the hitman must rectify. Complicating factor: the time machine needs 50 years to charge up. There’s no need to say any more — at 50 pages the tale is short yet packs several lifetimes of story. The story unfolds both as you expect and then as you never would with a last page that either will break your heart or leave you sitting on a park bench staring into the sky wishing you could go back in time and fix that one thing.

Jason’s deadpan mix of noir and SF is indeed ripe material for a film version, even if such a thing could never improve on the perfection of the original.


  1. Hopefully animated, but people Jason-designed animal masks would be interesting. If this does well I hope they adapt The Left Bank Gang.

  2. While I love Jason and the graphic novel… I think a straight adaptation will never succeed unless animated. Whoever directs the film should give it their own flavor… Maybe ignore the animorphic characters and just cast humans.