Tomorrow, First Second will release Demon Vol. 4, the exciting conclusion to Jason Shiga’s series about a man named Jimmy Yee who discovers that he cannot die. What follows is an absurd and violent yet touching journey. And Shiga, who won an Eisner this past year for his work on the series, never thought Demon could actually be published.

According to Shiga, his  “original conception of Demon was that it was too wild to ever be published.” He said that “after some initial rejection, I doubled down on every aspect of the book that made it unprintable, both in terms of format and content.” This resulted in Demon starting off as a webcomic before being physically printed in single issue format and finally ending up at First Second, who is publishing the collected volumes of the series.

Of Demon‘s success, Shiga said that “the book’s Eisner win was incredible for me, but honestly I still haven’t gotten over the shock that someone published the series.”

Now that Demon is coming to a definitive conclusion with the release of the final collected volume of the series, Shiga is feeling a little conflicted. In this words:

The final volume coming out this week represents the culmination of over 7 years of work and it’s a bittersweet moment for me. Behind all the deranged mayhem, Demon is actually my most personal work. Jimmy’s view of life and family is my own.

Check out an excerpt from Demon Vol. 4 after the jump.