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Fox has been holding back on the January Jones/White Queen lingerie shots for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS but The Hollywood Reporter is delivering with some shots in era-appropriate (and now fetishized) garb.

Oh yeah that’s more like it.

First Class director Matthew Vaughn has repeatedly praised First Class costumer designer Samantha Sheldon for capturing the perfect of mix of swinging sixties meets superhero, mixed in with a little bit of James Bond.

Fashionistas are gong to love it! No one else. Just fashionistas.



  1. You know, unless this movie is a wretched, embarrassing flop, which seems unlikely at this point, comic cons from here on out are going to have young women cosplaying in these costumes.

    There may be arrests.

    Cardiac arrests, but also the kind involving police and handcuffs.

    Of course, anyone who would cosplay as Emma Frost probably gets off on handcuffs.

  2. Doesn’t Diana Rigg, from whose actual “swinging sixties” portrayal the whole look and character is based, deserve some credit?

  3. I gotta say. I got to see about 25 minutes of this film last month in LA. I looks really great, it feels like an old Bond film. Lots of cool fights and costumes. Beast really steals the show.

  4. Please tell me that first photo is actually meant to be lingerie and not what she actually wears. It was ridiculous enough in the comic book. The 2nd photo is pretty conservative for the WQ, but that’s not really a bad thing.

  5. Now that’s a least a nice and sexy bra, unlike the one they put her in seen in most of the promo pics and trailer. I was dumbfounded they had Jones as Frost and yet dressed her up in such a bland outfit.

    Of course none of these really scream Emma frost more than just January Jones in sexy lingerie and a 60s catsuit.

    Then again I am avoiding the film because of all the changes of characters, no matter how good the project alone may be. Azazel alone convinces me the movie is simply not one I would enjoy.

  6. Looks like Diane Lane in the first pic. The face that is. I’m sure Diane Lane herself isn’t impressed.

  7. You know I kinda feel bad for January Jones. Emma is a horrible character. Well, a wonderfully horrible character. I hope at least that maintains within this film. I have a bad feeling her powers are going to be way off. Meanwhile Better Draper is pretty despicable over on Mad Men. Of course it takes a good actress to play someone so messed up. And of course Don is no prince either. Actually, not too many of the characters on the show are too right in the head.

  8. She looks like “Barbarella”‘s pissed-off older sister… Neither Byrne’s nor Quitely’s Emma looked like this!

    (Still cautiously optimistic about the film, though.)

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