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While director James Gunn has remained silent on the shitstorm surrounding his two-year-old superhero sex list—probably because Disney won’t let him speak out— he’s fought back with a seething, hate filled tweet.

While another site has been touting Gunn’s “history of misogyny” let’s take a look at the recent Twitter trail:

Very anti homeless person, anti-Romney and anti-Chris Brown. Really all over the place.

I stand by my assertion that the original piece wasn’t very funny and doesn’t bode too well for the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY movie being hilarious, but doesn’t warrant the level of energy currently being expended. I would rather fight to have a second female Guardian in the film—more than one woman in a movie bring something that not even Joss Whedon can get past the women censors.

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  1. I agree. I’d love to see both Mantis and Phyla, though we’re much more likely to get Gamora. Moondragon would also be pretty rad, but these character relationships are all pretty complex. They’ll probably settle on Gamora because ‘alien lady wearing next to nothing’ doesn’t require much of an explanation. (sadface)

  2. @Dustin Verbug
    Gamora’s wardrobe has been re hauled if the artist rendering is anything to go by. The movie costumes and roster will represent the Bendis comic in all honesty

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