It shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear Sean Gunn would be appearing in his brother James Gunn‘s new DC Universe. According to Deadline, Sean Gunn will be taking on the role of ruthless businessman Maxwell Lord. The character was previously portrayed by Pedro Pascal in the film, Wonder Woman 1984.

It’s unclear whether or not Lord will be appearing in the upcoming Superman: Legacy film or another future DC Studios project. Legacy already boasts quite an impressive supporting cast even without the addition of yet another character.

Besides being a regular fixture in his brother’s projects, Sean Gunn is no stranger to the DC Universe. In The Suicide Squad, he played both Weasel as well as Calendar Man.

As comic fans are well aware, Maxwell Lord debuted in the 1987 relaunched Justice League title by creators Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire. Initially depicted as a shrewd and powerful businessman, Lord eventually became a trusted ally of the team and crucial in its formation as Justice League International. Over the years in the 2000’s, the character took a dark turn in the pages of Countdown to Crisis.when he murdered his former teammate Blue Beetle in cold blood. His sinister plans were only put to an end when Wonder Woman had no other choice but to snap his neck. It’s a comic moment that lives in infamy and one still debated among fans.

With any luck, the Gunn version of Maxwell Lord will be more in line with his original lighthearted self-centered version.

UPDATE: James Gunn took to social media to seemingly confirm his brother Sean Gunn would be playing Maxwell Lord. Sure enough, he’s particularly fond of the JLI version of the character saying, “Calling Maxwell Lord a villain seems reductionist. As he was originally portrayed in JLI made him one of my favorite characters.”