As reported in PW Comics Week, one of the famed masters of international comics is finally getting an American edition: the great Jacques Tardi:

All that is changing this summer as Fantagraphics is launching an ongoing hardcover series of Tardi’s graphic novels. The first two releases this August will be West Coast Blues (Le petit bleu de la Côte Ouest), a hard-boiled crime thriller adapted by Tardi from the novel by Jean-Patrick Manchette, and You Are Here (Ici même), a satirical, surreal story about a man who lives on a wall, written for Tardi by Barbarella creator Jean-Claude Forest. The line continues in Spring 2010 with the release of It Was the War of the Trenches, a grueling story set in World War I.

Fantastic news, as most English language Tardi has been out of print for years and years, or was published by now defunct publishers (iBooks.)


  1. Long overdue. I am also looking forward to finally being able to read all of The War in the Trenches as well as the Adele Blanc-Sec series, The Cry of the People, Ici Meme…etc. I can’t wait.

  2. Good for you guys ! That was a shame you couldn’t buy any Tardi book anymore !
    “It Was the War of the Trenches” is good, like really really good, even by historians’ standards it’s considered as a really good book on WWI soldiers.
    The guy’s a regular WW1 buff, that book is pretty old now but he came back to it lately with the series ‘Journal de guerre’ going year after year of the war.
    It got prepublished in newspaper format for very cheap and therefore on HUGE pages, 2 times the size of an european comic page, which is already pretty big.
    That’s just so gorgeous…

  3. Why couldn’t they start with “The War in the Trenches”. I really wanted my old man to read that before he dies.

  4. if you can track them down, drawn and quarterly (back when it was quarterly) ran “It Was the War of the Trenches” in english. it was before the format change, when they were still roughly comic book shaped.

    if you don’t want to wait, they may still be available through the publisher.

    … and tardi is awesome.