The Pulitzer Prizes were announced yesterday – Hamilton won one, along with the hearts of everyone, everywhere– and the winner in the editorial cartooning category was Jack Ohman of The Sacramento Bee, the Beat’s favorite newspaper. Matt Davies of Newsday and Steve Sack of Minneapolis The Star Tribune were the finalists. The Pulitzer Comitte praised Ohman for “wry, rueful perspectives through sophisticated style that combines bold line work with subtle colors and textures.”

He certainly had a great year for material. And yes, a lovely, unique style with a classic line.

As is the yearly tradition, the Washington Post’s Michael Cavna was right on the scene with the first post win, I’m-going-to-Disneyland interview with Ohman:

The artist, speaking by phone from Sacramento, calls winning the Pulitzer “hallucinogenically fun.”
Ohman, who has practiced his craft professionally for more than 35 years, says that he especially values the response today from his cartooning colleagues. “I’ve been very close with those folks and love them,” Ohman tells Comic Riffs, “and to get that kind of support means a lot.”
Ohman, 55, adds: “I couldn’t have gotten more support from the Bee.”

The Bee itself erupted with celebrations. There’s an awesome picture in that link of people popping open champagne bottles.