Bluewater Press, which has published countless bios of pop culture and political figures from Betty White to Justin Bieber is turning to the comics with a bio of…Jack Kirby.

“Orbit: Jack Kirby” highlights Kirby’s amazing artistic talents and how he truly reinvented the comic book.  Written by John Judy with art by Paul Cox, the task of writing about a comic book legend was somewhat intimidating. “What was it like trying to bring to life the man in a comic book who helped reinvent comics? In a word, daunting,” said Judy. “I was really concerned that the word balloons for each character only contained exact quotes. I wasn’t going to go literally putting words in anyone’s mouth.”

In the words of Charlie Brown…..ARRRRRRRGH.


  1. So a comic based on an artist with an extraordinary dynamic art style, features art that (judging by the cover) looks anemic and pedestrian.

    What, they couldn’t get artists like, oh, Tom Scioli or Ron Frenz, who have shown during their career, the ability to match Kirby’s explosive art style, to tell the story of an artist with an explosive art style?

  2. It looks like a horrible horrible object at first glance, but I’m interested in what position the writers take on Stan Lee.

  3. If I may: I’d like to ask all comic book news sites and blogs to declare a moratorium on Bluewater coverage.

    It’s bad enough that they get a ton of coverage from a mainstream news media that doesn’t know any better (ZOMG! Did you hear? There are comic books about Justin Bieber and Michelle Bachmann!) But we all know better than to reward Bluewater’s crassly opportunistic, poorly drawn rags with any amount of press. Especially when it’s public knowledge that they treat their talent poorly and pay them even worse.



    I kid. I have nothing to do with it. I swear.

    “Not without offering much better rates and contract terms, I expect.” Kurt, are you suggesting that an established comic company would rather put out a lower quality product than pay for a better produced product? I don’t understand the rationale this other than to cash in on a famous figure…but even if that’s the case, why would they choose to not focus on quality in a shrinking market?