Survey_2015-Preview-00001.jpgAs we warned you a few days ago, the Devastator/Beat 2016 Indie Creator Convention Survey is coming, and now  it’s here!

This is THE survey for showing how much money people make at various shows, zine fests and festivals. It is the ONLY survey of its kind, and the more people who participate, the more accurate the information.

You can see last year’s survey here and some excerpts here. Amanda and Geoff added a TON of shows this year, so you may spend a long time filling out the survey (although the actual questions are pretty easy)   – still please don’t be daunted by the list. This is a benefit to the entire tabling community and YOUR CHANCE to sound off anonymously about convention conditions. Amanda and Geoff are saints for doing it. Just maybe get a nice hot beverage before you start to do the survey.

144 exhibitors took part in the survey last year, up from 107 in 2014 and 47 in 2013. We’d like to set an all time high for this year’s survey so feel free to share and share and share.

Here’s the kind of info that will emerge from this survey: