Things are winding down for the holidays. The Beat is no exception. We’ll be on holiday starting next week, and this time we really mean it. Almost no internet. We’ll have a few elves looking in, but posting will be pretty perfunctory through Christmas. We will be posting some holiday art for the next few days so send us links or JPGs…but only through Friday. After that we’re gone, baby, gone.

Looking forward, we’d like to note that we’re already booking advertisements into 2011. The top banner is sold out until April, and there are only scattered openings after that.

If you’re interested in locking down a time slot, LET ME KNOW SOON. Size information is here. Rates are reasonable, and response I’ve had from advertisers is excellent. It’s a good value, and helps me to keep doing this AND feeds my cat.


  1. They make a bad-ass team. Krampus does all the dirty work (rumor is that the elves up North are actually naughty children forced into an eternity of servitude making toys for good boys and girls). His territory is mostly Alpine Europe, as St. Nick has various sidekicks throughout Europe.

    St. Nicholas (not to be confused with Santa Claus) once bitch-slapped a fellow bishop who questioned Christ’s divine status at the Council of Nicea. Soon, Nicholas’ opinion was codified in the Nicean Creed, the foundation of most Christian faiths.