Live blogging from the PW booth #1164. Event coordinater Ada Price just wandered back into the booth and murmured “It has started.” The general public was let in about 30 minutes ago and the floors are crowded — not TOO crowded, mind, but crowded. “Bigger space, more costumes,” PWCW writer Trevor Soponis muttered. Indiana Jones, Dragonball Z, stormtroopers, sand people, Storm, Jack Sparrow Lara Croft and a Nazi have all been spotted.

This show is big. Much bigger than last year with book publishers, toy manufacturers, video games, movie companies and all the various comics publishers thrown together in either a tasty gumbo or mind-frying miasma, depending on your viewpoint.

Our panels this morning went off well. The McCloud/Rushkoff panel was packed — thanks! Everyone showed up for the journalism panel, and a lively discussion ensued on viral marketing, objective journalism and whether you whouldread your comments section or not.

Big ups to Roger Bilheim of Reed and his staff for all their help.

We’ll be back with more from the floor when the coast is clear.


  1. The McCloud-Rushkoff panel was the first time I felt I should be taking notes. Amazing ideas, delightful discussion!
    missed the PW booth, but found Lulu. Also helped a librarian find an artist for a biography. A wonderful mixture where everything can influence everything else, which is the fundamental essence of New York City!