Image has announced that their new series Isola will feature two covers for each issue.  Here’s the second cover for issue #1

Official PR follows:

Image Comics is pleased to reveal an all-new variant cover of the debut issue of Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl’s ISOLA provided by series artists Kerschl and Msassyk. Each issue of this lush fantasy series will boast a Cover A and a Cover B, featuring art from the series artists.

The kingdom of Maar is in peril. Rook, the captain of the Royal Guard, has fled the capital with Queen Olwyn. Together, they seek the fabled land of the dead, where lies their best hope of restoring the kingdom—and the Queen herself.

ISOLA #1, Cover A (Diamond code: FEB180500) and Cover B (Diamond code: JAN188864), hits comic book stores Wednesday, April 4th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, March 12th.


  1. When the Big 2 put multiple covers on the same issue, it’s widely seen as a cheap cash grab. Is there any reason to see things differently on a creator-owned title?

    Do creators and publishers think they are doing fans a favor by offering them the opportunity to buy the same comic twice ($4 a pop) to own one extra piece of art? Do creators and publishers think fans want a choice between two covers both drawn by the series artist, or by the series artist’s self-selected cool artist friends? Are fans happier paying full price for a comic book and knowing they do not get the full contents of the issue?

    Clearly variants are still working economically, since every publisher continues to use them. Personally, I find it especially galling when creators announce variant covers as though they’re a special bonus for fans, rather than a cash grab (if you really have a cool extra image you just want your fans to enjoy, put it on the back cover or as a pin-up in the back of the book).

    For me, variant covers on every issue are a clear signal from Image and the creators to skip single issues and wait for a collection, which will contain all the covers at a much lower price per issue. I don’t know if that’s the signal they intend to send, but it’s the one I hear–and I hope more and more readers hear it that way.

    I wish Kerschl and Fletcher success with this series, but I won’t be supporting it in single issues.

  2. Hi Carl!

    This was simply a case of needing to create an alternate cover for retailers who have different types of stores and display their books differently. We resisted it for the longest time, remaining staunchly in the single-cover-only camp, but meeting with comic shop owners from all over the country last week convinced us otherwise. This series of “B” covers is not about collectability, it’s about ease of discovery on the shelf.

    Thank you for the kind wishes and I hope you will indeed give ISOLA a shot, whether in singles or in collected form at a later date.

    All the best,


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