By Steve Morris

We’ve only one more week until Avengers Vs X-Men concludes with issue #12 of the mega-event. Have you been following along? Don’t worry if you haven’t, because artist Isaac Leiro has managed to sum up the event in six frames of animation…

Avengers Vs X-Men: In A Nutshell


  1. Mr. Leiro might save people some money with that.

    Has there been anyone who thinks that AvX is actually good storytelling? IMO, it’s an example of the reason for writing the story affecting the content. Marvel Editorial wanted a reason for putting out Avengers-mutants team-up books, and AvX provides one, sort of, but the product is far worse than it would have been if a writer had independently come up with an idea for heroes vs. mutants, written a story that changed the world in devastating ways, and then left the heroes and mutants to pick up the pieces.


  2. I’m waiting for #12 to see if everything ends up all right when Hope finally gets possessed by the Phoenix. If so, that means everything could have been solved with as little trouble as possible when dealing with a cosmic force if only the Avengers had let the people who had some experience with the Phoenix handle everything. But I’m sure Captain America will convince himself that his poking stick was the thing that saved Earth.

  3. I’m waiting for one of the half dozen writers involved in the story to remember that Hope’s adopted dad was brought back to life in the prologue to AvX, which seems like kind of an important thing. Has she spent anytime with him at all since he came back from the dead?

  4. Has she spent anytime with him at all since he came back from the dead?

    Not that I’m aware of, but I don’t think that Marvel Editorial cared whether Cable was used in AvX, once the prologue was finished and shipped.

    I’m interested in seeing how the All-New X-Men, from the past, react to Rachel Summers, the alternate-future daughter of Scott and Jean–although, since Rachel’s been around since 1981, it’s hard to remember that her existence is only a possibility. If past-Jean Grey were to regard the present with horror and decide, “No, I don’t want any of that,” would Rachel Summers disappear and the universe come to an end? Or would trying to work out the consequences cause so many people migraine headaches that they’ll decide past-Jean shouldn’t know Rachel Summers exists?


  5. on the other hand the phoenix force was destroying whole planets on it’s way to earth causing mass genocide of countless species (which for some reason the x-men had absolutely no problem with. hmm…i thought the x-men were supposed to be selfless heroes, not self serving heroes. go figure). also, considering how the phoenix force almost did indeed destroy the earth a couple of times over the years (not to mention a whole planet of broccoli people), so i guess one could forgive cap and the avengers for being a bit concerned that an out of control cosmic force of galactus proportions was heading their way with no guarantee that the situation would turn out for the best (and in the marvel universe when do these situations ever turn out for the best).

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