archie bigamistThat’s the shocking question raised by the NY Times’ George Gene Gustines, as the NY Timesfinally catches up with the story that Torsten actually broke in the comics here. It seems Archie isn’t just a bigamist…but a Robert Frost fan!

At the end of the October issue, No. 602, Archie goes for an evening stroll and encounters the fork again. In the November issue Archie will find himself back in Riverdale High, this time envisioning a future with Betty as his wife. (A set of twins factors into this destiny as well.)

This alternative future will be a relief to the fans who reacted negatively to the marriage to Veronica. “The polls that I’ve seen ran about 80/20, Betty over Veronica, with Jughead continually coming in a strong third,” said Mr. Uslan, a comic-book historian, a longtime “Archie” fan and a producer of the big-screen “Batman” films. Mr. Uslan said his inspiration for the story included a film (“Sliding Doors”), a poem (Robert Frost’s “Road Not Taken”) and a song (“Both Sides, Now”).

Archie likes Gwyneth Paltrow too? This is all getting out of control.


  1. What? I thought the marriage to Veronica was working out great? Look at all that free swag that Archie is hoarding away: He gets to be VP to Mr. Lodge’s company and he gets to score every night with Riverside’s answer to Kim Kardashian (that is, when he’s not so exhausted from work). What could possibly go wrong with this contract?



  2. C’mon, EVERYONE saw this coming, even before the comic actually came out. Archie reaching that fork in the road in #600 just confirmed it.

    I still want there to be a side road where he marries Juggie.

  3. Ha. Archie seems to be going already to Archie: Brand New Day or Archie: Crisis of Infinite Marriages. (The world with the one with Jughead is legal because Riverdale is really in MA.)