Boutique classic comics publisher Hermes Press puts out a number of collections, like Brenda Starr, Dark Shadows, and so on, but we generally hear little about them. Well, that has changed starting now, since they just hired a publicity director, namely Chris Irving, best known for his interviews at Graphic NYC. Irving has already set up the above-linked Tumblr blog and sent out a press release about his hire — we’d say it’s working already.

Hermes Press has just named Graphic NYC’s writer and co-editor Christopher Irving as Publicity Director of the company. Hermes Press publishes a growing line of original graphic novels that start with Lions, Tigers, and Bears, as well as archive-quality reprints of classic comic strips The Phantom, Buck Rogers, Brenda Starr, and Dark Shadows.

“What can I say? I’m thrilled to pitch in and help Dan Herman and Louise Geer with their ever-growing company,” Irving says. “I’ve known them for a few years and have seen Hermes Press grow up very quickly, and that’s not even counting what they have planned for the next year. The way things are going, they’ve become just as much a pop culture house as a publishing one.”

Irving entered the comic book field in 1999 as a features writer for Comics Buyer’s Guide, before becoming a contributor and Associate Editor of the multiple Eisner Award-winning Comic Book Artist magazine in 2002. After writing two books on comic book history and journalism, Irving and photographer Seth Kushner started work on the Graphic NYC online project in 2008, which will see print as Leaping Tall Buildings in Spring 2012 from powerHouse Books. 2010 saw the publication of Graphic NYC Presents Dean Haspiel: The Early Years from IDW Publishing, while 2011 sees the publication of his history of comic book based movie serials, tentatively titled The First Movie Superheroes, by Hermes Press. Irving will continue to juggle GNYC with his Hermes Press responsibilities.

The new blog, hermespress.tumblr.com, launched recently in a beta form, and officially launches today. It will be Hermes Press’ hub for information on upcoming and current releases, as well as Irving’s writing on the pop culture celebrated at Hermes. It is part of a new initiative by Hermes to create a greater online and digital presence.

For more information, or to inquire about review copies, contact Irving at [email protected]