Netflix’s new comic book series Jupiter’s Legacy is headed your way and The Beat was on hand to talk to stars Mike Wade (“Fitz Small” aka “The Flare”) and Tenika Davis (“Petra Small” aka The Flare II) and their family and superhero bonds! 

When we meet Fitz Small (Wade) in 1929, it is in a working capacity with Sheldon (Josh Duhamel) and Walt Sampson (Ben Daniels), but things change unexpectedly and their relationship extends beyond a working capacity. When we meet Petra (Davis) it is in the present day, navigating the challenges of being a modern-day superhero and keeping the values instilled by her father. 

Watch our exclusive chat with Tenika Davis & Mike Wade about Black superheroes fighting during a time and for a country that doesn’t always see them for who they are and how the superhero gig impacts their onscreen father-daughter dynamic! 

Watch Jupiter’s Legacy this Friday, May 7th, only on Netflix!