Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo need no introduction.  Far and away the break out stars of DC Comics’ New 52 initiative, their run on Batman has been lauded since its bombastic debut in 2011.  Now, after four years, they’re still at it, but changes have come to Gotham.  The Joker is dead. Bruce Wayne has forgotten about his shadowy alter ego.  Jim Gordon is now the Batman. Snyder and Capullo have taken the bat-family to hell and back, and now the creative team behind the series is about to go through some major changes of its own.


Following the release of Batman #51, Capullo will take a break from the series to collaborate on a project with Mark Millar, writer of hit titles including Kick Ass and Chrononauts.  Snyder will continue writing Batman, and he has some interesting ideas about where the series might go.  The Comics Beat recently spoke to the pair to find out what the future holds and how their time together on Batman has changed their lives.

Alex Lu: I started reading comics around the time you both came on Batman.  “The Court of Owls” really stimulated my love of comics and the love of many other people. You’ve built this family of fans over the past few years.  So, first of all, congratulations.

Scott Snyder: Thank you.

Greg Capullo: Thanks.

Lu: A lot of horror is about externalizing fears of the writer. Scott, many of your Batman stories revolve around the notion of family. In this latest arc, Batman has abandoned his. Through Bruce, do you seek to explore your own fears as a father?

Synder: Well, in some ways, yeah.  With Bruce, in becoming Batman and then being given back a normal life, his story in this arc is all about this realization. He goes through this struggle and is ultimately given this reward– a normal life.  Then slowly, he starts to realize it’s not a reward, it’s a nightmare.  He knows deep down that he could be doing more. There’s something in the back of his mind telling him that “there’s someone you’re supposed to be and you can’t be that person unless you die and the other person comes back.”


To me, there’s something very powerful about the idea that the city is giving Bruce back. Even if it needs him to go back to being Batman eventually, we get a glimpse of who he could have been.  There’s a scene coming at the end, not too big a spoiler, when Alfred asks Bruce for a minute and touches Bruce’s back because it’s not scarred.  Then Alfred says, “Okay. I’m ready.”  Those moments, to me, are special.  It’s all about those fears, as a parent, that you’re gonna let your child go into this terrible dangerous career that they love, as Bruce himself knowing that he has to die for this “other” to come back—I love this story, I really do. I’m almost done writing it and it’s hard to say goodbye.

Lu: And Greg, how does it have been able to take Scott’s visions and bring them to life with your own unique flair?

Capullo: It feels great, especially given it’s been so well received. We both started from a very nervous, almost scared place. To re-launch a legendary character with the stature of Batman, it’s…wow.  Once you start settling into your job though, you get it done.  Seeing how the fans reacted to it is amazing. Some fans tell me that “it’s a historic run that’s going to withstand the test of time.”  It gets mentioned in the same breath as some great Batman stories by other fantastic creators.

It’s hard to wrap your mind around it because you’re busy doing it.  However, if everything the fans are telling me is true, at some point when I get to step away I’m gonna look back and say “wow, I’ve accomplished something great here!”


Lu: And now you’re going to pursue an opportunity with Mark Millar!  What informed your decision to pursue this new adventure?

Capullo: Well, here’s the thing.  Writers are spoiled because they can write so many things at the same time, so Scott’s been able to work with Sean, Raphael, Jock, and Becky!  I’ve just gotta be married to the one guy the whole time!  It’s not fair!  He’s running around on me and I’m at home cooking, cleaning, and straightening the house.  I’m baking cookies and whatnot only for him to come in and go “okay honey, I’m home!”

I wanna go and screw around a little bit.  I wanna have an affair and see what it feels like to have sex with somebody else!

Snyder: Right now, Mark is just shaking his head.

Capullo: You know, our careers are only so long, especially for me because I’m a little bit older.  If you’re on a monthly book, you end up being married to one guy and you don’t get to taste all the different wonderful pieces of the pie.  Lots of other writers have said they wanted to do something, but I’m always busy.  So, I have this one little break here that I can use to escape and go do something else before coming back to do some more stuff with Scott.


Lu: So using that analogy, Scott, are you looking forward to having the opportunity to make some new variations of Batman pie?

Snyder: Well yeah, but honestly I’m more excited to just enjoy my time with Greg right now.  I love Mark.  He’s a friend of mine, and he’s worked with a lot of artists I love, and I know what he makes with Greg is going to be terrific.  I can’t wait for it.

When Greg told me he was thinking about it, I was excited and said “I hope you do that.”  They’re going to make something great, I’ll be first in line to buy it, and I’m thrilled that Greg wants to continue working together afterwards because anytime he wants to work on anything ever– Batman, creator owned, Marvel, whatever– I’d do it in a second.  I’ve learned more from him than from anyone else.  I’m proud to be his partner.

I have big plans for Batman and am excited about things, but really this is about enjoying our time together because we still have some good stuff left to get to.

Lu: As much as Batman has his family, you two are one as well.

Snyder: Yeah, absolutely. I consider him family.

Capullo: That’s definitely true. We get along, we like each other’s wives, whenever we get a chance to hang out, we do it.  We are, as they say, the dynamic duo.


Batman #46 hits shelves on November 11th.


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