Daily Cross Hatch sits down with Paul Gravett and special guest Nick Bertozzi:

A lot of people have asked me this question, so I’m sure you get it fairly often, yourself: have you ever had any ambition to create your own comics?

No, I haven’t. the world of comics isn’t just writing and drawing—there’s another side to it. Bringing people together is important, and also just being able to read people’s stuff in its gestating stages, and tell them what could be improved—I’m not actually a hands-on editor, as I was with Peter Stanbury on Escape. The fact is, I’m still in touch with a lot of people who show me things and ask for feedback. I like to help in that way. It’s also things like running a festival, and putting people together who haven’t met before, internationally. People don’t realize how much they have in common with someone, over from France, with, say, someone like Nick from America. That sort of thing can spark off so much.